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The ReNu Mobile Pressure Washing, LLC Difference


We have the equipment to clean just about anything. Our trailer has a permanently mounted steam pressure washer that puts out 3500psi @ 6GPM with a 535 gallon onboard water tank. The truck that pulls it has a 40ft bucket lift that can allow us to get those hard to reach places.
We can do vinyl siding, gutters, sofit, and concrete around the house. We can also clean the black streaks that form on asphalt shingles.
Don't fall victim to those companies that use a roll around pressure washer. Those washers are not high flow and they are relying on high pressure to do their cleaning. On most of the residential cleaning we do, high pressure is not used. With too high of pressure, damage can follow on siding and shingles. We have the right chemicals and solutions to clean your surfaces and not just temporarily wash them.
We have also cleaned many pieces of farm equipment. With our equipment, we can even clean equipment in the field. This will help reduce the spread of weeds from farm to farm or if you just want to keep your equipment looking nice while you're using them in season.
Also, before you get your building or grain bin repainted, get it cleaned by us to help the paint stick better and last longer.